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Værvarsel Furusjøen Rundt stadion fra, levert av Meteorologisk institutt og NRK

Attend the Furusjøen Rundt-Triple!

Photo: Stig Haugen

Welcome to Furusjøen Rundt July 7th

- MTB cycle race for everyone!




Technical Guide 2018 



Registration can only be completed online via our race website; 

The online registration  will close at 23:59 on the Wednesday before the race.

After this, registration is only possible during the Secretariat opening hours. 

Registration fee


  • NOK 420,- (aprox. €46)
  • Late registration +100%

Registration fee for other MTB races at Furusjøen Rundt, see Priser og Lisenser

Included is free liquid/sports drink and fruit, which you can get at the tracks liquid stations.
You also get a tomato soup with local bread at the finish line.



We would like the Furusjøen Rundt race to be a positive experience for all involved, and ask everyone to familiarise themselves with the regulations.  UCI’s regulations will apply.

Regulation and rules for Furusjøen Rundt, see/download: Competition rules.pdf



Primary information about UCI Mountain Bike Marathon Series. Information for other type of Furusjøen Rundt races, see Informasjon, or contact us.

Photo: Stig Haugen.

Race type and Classes 


Cross-country marathon – XCM, Class 3 event Cross-country marathon events are open to all riders aged 19 or over and include masters categories. No separate results must be submitted for under 23 or masters categories. 

Feed/liquid stations 


There are seven feed/drink stations along the course, depending on the race – please see route map. We can also offer basic bicycle service at each feed/drink station should someone find themselves in need of assistance. Feed/drink station with technical zone. 


  • YT-Krøkla:
    Cup with YT sports drink and water, energy bar, banana 
  • YT-Tjønnseter:
    Drinks bottle with water, cup with YT sports drink, energy bar, banana 
  • YT-Kvam Idrettspark:
    Drinks bottle with water, cup with YT sports drink, energy bar, banana 
  • YT-Bakkom:
    Drinks bottle with water, cup with YT sports drink, energy bar, banana  
  • YT-Kringsætrin:
    Drinks bottle with water, cup of Cola, cup with YT sports drink, energy bar, banana 
  • YT-Finish:
    YT Restitution (cacao or banana/strawberry drink), water, banana. 

 Tomato soup w/bread in the catering tent for all participants.   

Timing chips  


Use of Emit timing chip is required. Checking the chip is compulsory, and it is the participants’ responsibility to have the unit tested. Riders without a functioning chip risk not being registered with a finishing time.
In the event of defect or missing chips, these can be rented from the Secretariat for NOK 100.
Loan of timing chips for children up to 12 years old is free of charge.
If a chip is lost, the participant will be charged NOK 1000.  

Time-keeping by Emit/EQ-systems, used by the national cycling federation NCF. 



Friday: At Hotel Rondablikk (by the venue):
7 pm – 8 pm: Elite licence check and collection of Race Numbers 

8 pm - 8.30 pm: UCI MTB Marathon Series og NCF NorgesCup
- Team Managers Meeting

Saturday: From 8 am at the venue. 
Elite licence check and collection of Race Numbers

Card terminal at available. Collection of race numbers up to one hour before start.
Race number shall be displayed at the participant’s back, and at the front of the bike.  

For riders who did not finish (DNF) and did not start (DNS), the chip shall be removed and handed in to the Secretariat without crossing the finishing line.   

Prizes won in the prize draw can be collected at the Secretariat. Details will be provided on the information display in the venue. Prizes will not be forwarded by post.

Venue presentation


Stadion, the main arena, is located at Rudland Fjellsenter by the hotel Rondablikk. It is purpose-built for each event, and is small and compact with most facilities in close proximity to the START and FINISH.   


  • Changing rooms and shower facilities: 
    • Stadion – marquee with changing and shower facilities
    • Hotel Rondablikk (300 m) 
    • Club house at Kvam Idrettspark (12 km)
  • Large, modern mobile toilet facilities in the arena
  • Free parking close to the arena 
  • Kiosk and large catering tent with seating
  • Bicycle wash

The venue. Photo: Fredrik Weikle

Straight across from the arena is Hotel Rondablikk, offering access to changing rooms and shower & toilet facilities. Towels can be rented from the hotel reception, or you can bring your own.

Click for larger image

Competition venue


Competition map with medical services around the course. 
Medical support during the race will be provided by Nord-Fron Røde Kors Hjelpekorps (the local Red Cross). 

Click at the map for larger image.

  • 73 km Men 
  • 57 km Women


Other races, see Course map and -profile (profiles under construction)

Course- and route description


For course description, download/open the pdf: Competition venue.pdf
The course descrition also includes route descriptions to technical zones for teams/team cars. 

Contact us!


Need more information about the MTB Marathon, do not hisitate to contact us!

E-mail: or 

For online registration to the race: 



Furusjøen Rundt is a triple containing:

  • Cross country race (XC Skiing)
  • Mountainbike race (MTB) 
  • Cross country running/walking (XC Running) 
  • In the most beautiful setting of Norway at the foot of Rondane. 
  • Our slogan is "The Adventure of Rondane". 

All the races are suitable for all levels, from the top athletes to those who want to participate for fun and health.

The XC Skiing is seeding to the Birkebeinerrennet at Lillehammer and Vasaloppet in Sweden.
The MTB race is seeding to Birkebeinerrittet and Grenserittet.
The XC Running/walking has feedback from participants that this is the “finest track in Norway”.

Furusjøen Rundt XC Skiing:
Date: Saturday February 17th 2018
You can choose between:


  • 45 km seeding race
  • 20 km with timing
  • 20 km exercise race without timing

Furusjøen Rundt MTB race:
Date: Saturday July 22th 2017
You can choose between:


  • 73 km Pathfinder, the ultimate race for the path enthusiasts. The only track in Norway with international standards
  • 70 km seeding race
  • 57 km ladies and men junior
  • 32 km for ladies junior and exercise with timing
  • 14 km for youth and families
  • “Snipp-Snapp-Snute” - various children's races for kids up to 11 years old

Furusjøen Rundt XC Running/walking:

Date: Saturday September 2th 2017
You can choose between:


  • 17,8 km terrain run
  • 8 km exercise race with timing
  • “Snipp-Snapp-Snute” - various children's races for kids up to 8 years old

Please click the button named “Påmelding (Register)” for online registration.


Contact us:
If you have any questions, or want to participate, please contact us:

Anette Nyheim Lunde, Event Manager 
Phone: +47 909 49 647




Ole-Petter Brendstuen, CEO
Phone: +47 907 78 999 



Opening hours from 08.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs Monday - Friday.

Office address:
Furusjøen Rundt AS
Parkvegen 7
Postboks 61
2642 Kvam